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Update: The World According to PJ.

Well i went to class yesterday even though i was sick and got dirty looks, i simply didn't feel like missing 4 days in a row. I stopped by my English Prof's office to clarify something she emailed me about and she told me that she wanted to nominate me for a ASC class so that i could tutor other students. That surprised me. After assuring me that we aren't allowed to touch grammar (whew! I'm a bit...loose there) i thought maybe it wasn't that bad an idea. I've been there before. I know Cat doesn't think i would make a good choice for teaching, but i can't help that she can't remember anything about football!

Today class (my whole one class) went well with most of it being in the library working on a research paper. Afterwards i had a appointment at the Unemployment Office and good old Joe (my caseworker, i guess you'd called him) told me that to qualify for an extension for schooling, i would need something other than a Liberal Arts degree! How dare he!! Well...knew that was going to happen. So i went down to academic support and had a pow-wow with those fine folk. As it turns out it will take me only aquiring 4 courses besides what i already had planned and i have an AA Adolescent Education Degree (history). A couple of Lit clasess i was going to avoid (shakespeare can suck me), a history class i wasn't going to take and a couple EDU courses i hadn't planned on (i was already going to take two EDU courses anyway) and my Liberal Arts: Humanties & Social Sciences becomes an Education Degree. Go figure.

So....thats right people. I am going to be a history teacher. Eat it.

Even though i've had yearnings in the past to teach and i've been approached about tutoring and teaching in the past more than a few times (from back in the day in high school to teaching college students at PMI), i've always avoided it. My reasons were varied (don't feel like over analyzing myself too much in one day!), but coming back to school has really fired my love for learning and maybe my age (maybe a movie is in order? The 40 year old freshman?) has really added an all-important quality to want to teach others what i know or how i learn. I wonder how much of Dr Felter's sponsoring me for ASC is self defense and/or as a tactic to reclaim her class from me!! I claim jump it from time to time. The same goes for my history class, now that i think about it. Especially in history class. My history prof loves it (although i think its that he just isn't awake at 8 am) though.

Classes are going well at the moment. Since i finished one accelerated course i currently have a 4.0 grade average! Whoo Hoo! I think i'll appreciate it before Phyiscal Geology and algebra take their due. I'm running a 99.26% grade in History. Yay! Got one exam question wrong in 5 tests that was just a mis-click. Boo! I'm averaging a 93.03 (.03??!!) in English. Boo MLA format!!! Health class was so fast and easy that i still have a hard time believing it was a college level course. Haven't had a Geology test of any kind yet (talk about geologic time!!). What am i missing...

Oh yeah, algebra. That class. I'm managing a shaky B in that course. I could get an A if i really applied myself, but i am still working through the anger of having to take a class that i got an A in but since that was 22 years ago i have to take it again. Right.Then another math class after that! i'll calm down after a while, but right now my professor will have to accept that i'll show up at class be a good little citizen. Giving a damn about his class will take a while.

Albany Gameday. YAY!

Well, ultimately we had a fun time. Played a couple of interesting games and met some fun gamers. Overall it was a success.

We played 3:16: Carnage among the Stars. That was an interesting game. It is a half-board game, half-shared narrative rpg. You are space marines or troopers and the system is simplisitic. You have Fighting Ability and Non-Fighting Ability. One if for combat and the other, of course, is for everything else. The fun part for me was describing the successes of those abilities (or in my case, yesterday, the failures!!! Trooper HANK HANK was having a bad day. But i got to dig a fire hole with a rifle barrel, so it wasn't a total loss), that was cool. You are squads of troopers (and non-coms who we kept calling "sir"). It is a very narrow scope game, but like many games these days, you can easily make what you want of it. Like many gameday/con games the game went funny and we have a F-troop in the future type theme. You can't have names like Corporal Pants, Stabby MCKnife, and Trooper Hank Hank involved. But i can definitely see the possibilities of a Space:Above and Beyond type game with that. Very interesting game. Different kind of game design, very cool.

We were supposed to play a futuristic Savage Worlds game and i was happy that i would get to get a look a that game for the first time. But the gamer that was supposed to run that game got the swine flu (that pig!). So the guy that ran 3:16 was the emergency GM and ran a game of Barbarians of Lemuria. THAT was a fun game. I really like game system that is not rules heavy but can acheive some level of complexity. You have four stats, four careers, and four combat skills. You roll vs a fairly static target number  (with some variation for difficulty) and you combine you relevant stat with either a profession bonus or combat bonus equal to the corresponding ability you tap. Characters also have traits that can fiddle with things. Simple, easy to remember, but allows for some character depth of abilities. Very nice. Magic is the little stuff is fairly simple, big stuff is a pain and costs you big time. My kind of stuff. We had a lot of fun with that game. I'm going to have to look into getting it.

I was fairly impressed with the GM's (Woas) ability to go with the flow. We didn't take it easy on him with our goofy shannigans. I would like to play a serious game with him sometime.


Now i will explain why i used the "ultimately" and "Overall". The gameplan was posted and advertised as 9 am-7pm. We got there about 9:15 and the place was fairly desolate. There was a car outside so we knocked. The door was open so we walked in. The alarm goes off. Great. The game store owner and/or manager pulled into the parking lot with his arm full of donuts and almost immediately started screaming at us and dropping f-bombs and all kinds of stuff. Don't think i am exaggerating! This guy really lost his cool! It was surreal. At one point i thought we were getting "punk'd" by the television show. It was that rediculous.Telling us that were we trying to break in and all kinds of crap and that he should let the cops come! Wow. So we tell him what actually happened and of course he said we were full of shit. All this while my friend was trying to apoolgize over and over again and smooth things out, but the guy remianed a jerk. I tried not talking at all because i handle things a little differently when i am being accused things i didn't do by a guy who has gone completely of the handle. So he took us outside and locked the door and said "open it now". Of course it opened right up and wasn't locked at all. He still tried to be an asshole for a while after that, but at that point his thunder was stolen and he eventually calmed down and apologized. Of course by this time i was pissed off because he acknowleged that he knew the door was messed up and didn't lock often and that we weren't actually "probably" breaking in. WTF!!?? All the time during thise fiasco he was yelling at us he saying "You f-ing gamers and your attitudes" or "i'm sick of you gamers" and that crap. Oh i get it. You showed your true colors there a bit, my friend. You are one THOSE kind of gamestores. The one where you hate gamers or talk shit behind their back but are perfectly fine with taking our money. I was getting hot at this point and started yelling back. But Jerry smoothed things out as well as they could be and we each went on with our day. I wasn't quite right until at least halfway through the day. So i apologize to anyone i gamed with who maybe thought i was being weird or standoffish or anything. I don't think i was( it was the games that cooled me out and won the day, actually) but just in case. Apparently that guy (yes that is his name now)pulled Jerry aside during the course of the day and apologized again. Good on him. And good thing he approached Jerry instead of me. It wouldn't have gone well if he had came to me. The argument, or worse, would have just fired up again. I'm getting angry again just thinking about it now. I was too quick to want to kick that guys ass! whew. so anyway...

ALBANY GAMEDAY was fun. check.

GETTING TO PLAY with Ryan. Cool. You are a funny guy and i appreciate your insight on comics. Check.

ALBANY GAMERS you were a lot of fun!. Check.

WOAS, you ran a couple of fun games, even if we were a totally unruly lot!! Check.

ZOMBIE PLANET...fuck you. I'd like to think i'd be more magnanimous in person, but this is my live journal so...fuck you. check.

Don't hide your gamebooks...

I'm seeing D&D/RPG references or sightings EVERYWHERE these days. TV Shows, books, movies, commercials, and even porn now!!?? Obviously, those who play it are still shown as hopeless dorks, but the tone is subtly different now a days. I mean, i know that Geek is becoming Chic, but it is like there has been a concentrated effort recently by what must be gamer enthusiasts that have been lying dormant in the ranks writers and producers in hollywood. Sure there is an obvious amount of pandering going on, but still, it really seems so prevelant the last couple of years and very much so the last few months.

I like it.


Braineaters Anonymous

Or at least that is what i am calling my teachers at CCC!

I'm kidding. It actually has been a lot of fun. Health is painfully simple. Logic is simple (so far). Western Civilization is being mailed in by the Professor at the moment, but it is the subject i am most interested in (the focus of my liberal arts degree). Algebra is algebra and therefore not worth talking about!!! (no offense to you math zealouts out there). I'll pass it and then forget about it. If my transcripts had been on time i wouldn't have had to take this course...but anyway. Fresh English really doesn't seem all that different from what i remember about high school, just more of the same. Geology is turning out to be the more interesting class than any of them at the moment.

It is difficult to determine whether the classes are as easy as they seem or whether it is just that i have had a lot more experience and time to learn more than your typical college kid over the years. Obviously it is somewhere in between and fairly hard to put a finger on.

It is also fairly strange sitting in classroom and discussing opinions with people half my age and at least half of my experience. 

But its all good.. I'm enjoying myself.

I am classier than thou!

Well, my first class went well yesterday. At least once i got there (no comment!)

It was pretty easy though. Takes notes, use notes to answer test questions, even during exams. I know they are teaching through repetition, but damn! What you expect out of a 1 Credit accelerated class that doesn't require a textbook, i guess.

We narrowly avoided a charged political/cultural clash about euthanasia (sp?), but all in all it was fun.



First class tomorrow morning.

Yippie-Kay-Ay Mother fuckers!!!

MEe SmaRt ToOOO!!!!! HEE HEE!!!


I hate it when i am just clearly wrong about something and finally see it.



Sumthin's cummin Paw!!

Well, my first class starts next sunday (health 103). It is a three hour class for 5 weeks. I like that configuration.

Maybe i should be a little concerned that the class doesn't appear to have an instructor/teach yet, but hey, shit happens. Apparently it is down to between two people. One uses books, the other doesn't. Guess which one i am pulling for?

My bike is still in the shop. The fuckers have told me 3 times now that is was fixed only to have it still do the same thing every time i tested it. Tomorrow if it isn't fixed when i get there,  am having them replace the damn thing or give me my money back. I'm no longer feeling charitable about this situation....

Saturday Night Liver??

As in...chopped liver. I watched SNL last night for the first time in a long time and wow did it suck. I mean half the skits don't even seem like they were supposed to be funny and the amount of low-brow stuff they pumped out was pretty damn weak.

I watched the opening credits and was supprised when the biggest response i had was...WHO? I mean other than Darrell Hammond (who is old enough now that he doesn't need make-up for bad impersonations of old politicians) i didn't know anyone on the cast. Hel, i didn't even recognize the guest star.

I don't like to be the old geezer type guy that talks about how things were in the old days, but holy crap! Heroes must subsidize SNL now or something, because it isn't carrying it's own damn weight, i can tell you that.


I had to stop at the unemployment office last WEd because work has been so sporadic that i need it on a semi-regular basis. So when i was called back to work i tried to get them to switch the appointment so that i could work, but they still insisted that i make my appointment. So i missed out of half a days work-pay to go to unemployment. Try that logic on for a while...

Anyway, while i was there my UI Agent (who i will call Big Fat Joe - he was literally twice my size and ate the whole time i was there) tried to talk me into trying their Job Training program. I looked at it a bit and wasn't really into what they wanted. I'm trying to get out of construction, i am NOTnot becoming a business beaver, and i certaintly am not a nursing or PT candidate (lift that leg one more time maam, or you're going out the window! +smash* Ahhhhhhhhh...)

He then mentioned that i could just go to school and possibly qualify for the unemployment. So i thought about that for a little bit and walked on down the hall (the UI Office is at the college campus. Nice placement). I ended up talking to a Admissions Agent and ended up with a placement test date the next day (I'm sure it had nothing to do with that fact that she was smoking hot..). That night i applied for FIN AID and got enough to pay my way (and probably half my books if i'm lucky) and was quickly accepted. I took the placement test the next day (i had to take everything since i am ancient) and then worked out a class schedule 15 minutes later. Today my transcripts finally appeared and i'm off to finalize everything.

So by the end of the day i'll officially be a Liberal Arts/Social Sciences student at CCC.

Yay for me!

Here's to my teachers being older than me...i hope  *clink*



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